Best Budget Podcast Microphones

Now when I list the "Best Budget Podcast Microphones" .....let's keep in mind of what I consider to be a "budget" microphone in the first place. For this particular collection, I am going to go with $50 or less, seeing as how a cool hundo doesnt feel very budgety to me. With this considered, I WILL make a "Best Podcast Microphone" write up that disregards price completely.

#1 - Behringer XM8500

While I do not LOVE this mic as much as the microphone lover community, it is VERY hard to argue that this is not the budget champion at $19.90 on sweetwater and amazon.

It is fairly smooth with some solid low end and non offensive top end. It is built REALLY well and is seriously comparable in terms of sound quality to the heralded Shure SM7B....especially with a little EQ.

If you want to start a podcast that sounds GOOD, as cheaply as possible......this mic and the Behringer UM2 Audio Interface will get you up and running with audio that sounds like hundreds, for only $70.

#2 - Mackie EM-89D

Coming right in at $49.99 is the Mackie EM-89D, which I actually prefer heavily over the xm8500 on MY voice.

Built just as well if not better than the xm8500, this mic has it all in terms of build quality, sound quality, and looks. It is very broadcasty sounding and is not harsh or unpleasant in any frequency range, while also sounding somewhat condenser-ish. This is my personal favorite handheld dynamic.

#3 - Behringer BA 85A

Wouldn't ya know it....another Behringer, which currently comes in around $35.

This is hotly debated along with the xm8500 as being the best budget dynamic, and for good reason, as this mic has all the smoothness of the xm8500 but with a little more presence up top while also maintaining a great build quality. Can't go wrong with the behringers.

#4 - Fifine Ampligame

Ok so normally I would not dream of recommending a condenser microphone for podcasting for the general public due to the fact that most people are doing their podcasts in different environments. I know folks who do their podcast in their kjtchen, and THAT is not a condenser friendly environment.

That being said, this mic comes in right at around $40 and comes with a desktop stand, a built in pop filter, RGB lights, a capacitive mute switch and is USB C, so there is no need for an interface if you are doing a 1 person podcast or a remotely connected one. It's a solid sounding budget package that can not be ignored.

#5 - Shure SM48

Ahhhh and here we have the ol reliable Shure brand! You thought it wasn't happening didn't you?

Well it DID happen, and it happened because this thing routinely comes in at $49.99 or less....often less, and has that same great build quality as its older sibling the SM58.

While I don't love the tone of this mic, there is nothing necessarily wrong with it, and if you desire the big name with the low price....this fits the bill and you will sound better than 90% of the oversaturated podcast market.