This is the mic score archives! While it may take a while to get ALL the mics I have reviewed on this page, it shall eventually be done....so without further ado, here is the scoring system.

Each mic test category will be graded on a 1 to 5 scale - with 5 being the highest grade obviously. Then the score will be averaged out for a composite grade.

The categories are:

Build Quality / Plosive Rejection / Off Axis Rejection / Self Noise / Overall Sound Quality / Price *Accessories can earn mic an extra 1 or 2 points depending on quality.

Audix VX5 ($249)

Build Quality - 5 This thing is literally perfect for a handheld condenser

Plosive Rejection - 4 Considering this is a condenser, this was pretty good but not perfect of course

Off Axis Rejection - 4 Solid for a condenser

Self Noise - 2 Listed at 26d...OOF...but I have to say I didn't notice it

Overall Sound Quality - 3 There is something about this that left me wanting more

Price - 3 Kinda high for what it is....I feel like you are paying for build quality over sound

Overall Score - 3.5 I feel like some voices will benefit from this...but not the majority

Saramonic SoundBird T3 ($299)

Build Quality - 5 Gold plated XLR with charge port INSIDE it, and the rest is great too

Plosive Rejection - 3 Defaulting to a 3 cause shotguns don't focus on that..and provided windscreen is great

Off Axis Rejection - 4 Very good for a condenser, and yes, shotguns are better at this

Self Noise - 4 Considering it has internal power, its impressive

Overall Sound Quality - 5 The dark flat mode, the presence boost and the low cut all sound great

Price - 5 I think this is an absolute steal at the price

Accessory Bonus - 2 The case is nice, the mounts are nice, windscreen, xlr, what a package!

Overall Score - 4.6 The 2 highest score here to this point.....Saramonic Shotgun Mics

Fifine Amplirocket USB ($59.99)

Build Quality - 4 The mic is metal and the shock mount is solid plastic

Plosive Rejection - 1 Awful, just awful

Off Axis Rejection - 4 Very good as dynamics typically are

Self Noise - 2 It was not overly quiet, which is a big reason I don't trust usb mics

Overall Sound Quality - 2 Not the worst dynamic iv'e heard but its simply not good

Price - 3 Sound quality is half the battle, and this didn't do it for me

Accessory Bonus - 1 A boom arm, shock mount, and ok cables gets this a small bonus

Overall Score - 2.8

Avlex DV75 (Used $25)

Build Quality - 5 This is highly impressive build wise, all the way down to the capsule suspension

Plosive Rejection - 3 Surprise! Another 3

Off Axis Rejection - 4 Very very good

Self Noise - 4 Very quiet

Overall Sound Quality - 5 Hard to find dark dynamics....especially for this cheap...but here it is

Price - 5 A dark well built mic for $25 or less...give me this over the xm8500

Overall Score - 4.3 This is a very nice option on a tight budget if you can find one on the used market

Shure PE56D (Used $25)

Build Quality - 5 It's a Shure...it feels like a slab of steel

Plosive Rejection - 3 I almost should just not include this, as most are 3's ...but we must

Off Axis Rejection - 5 STELLAR

Self Noise - 5 Literally quiet as an alpha male in a romantic comedy film viewing

Overall Sound Quality - 4 Really solid and highly above average for a dynamic

Price - 5 If you can find this, there is little to no reason to pay $100 bucks for those other Shure mics

Overall Score - 4.5 A fantastic option for your mic locker at a great price used

Oktava MK-319 (Used $99)

Build Quality - 2 I wanted to give this a 1....the switches are junk, body is microphonic, but its not a neewer

Plosive Rejection - 3 Above average for a condenser

Off Axis Noise Rejection - 2 Slightly below average for a condenser

Self Noise - 3 Listed at under 14db, it's FINE but just FINE, no issues.

Overall Sound Quality - 4 The resonance with a loud voice is the one thing holding this back

Price - 4 Build quality being better would've gave this a 5

Overall Score - 2.8 With a little work put in..maybe some foam added inside, this could be a 4

Saramonic SR-MV2000 ($79)

Build Quality - 3 - Plastic but solid plastic. Nothing to worry about but also nothing to brag about

Plosive Rejection - 4 Really good and dang close to a 5

Off Axis Noise Rejection - 1 Not much "rejection" to speak of

Self Noise - 2 USB Mics are rarely quiet

Overall Sound Quality - 1 There are too many good sounding mics in this price range for this to get higher

Price - 1 This is too expensive for the build quality / sound quality combo. Sadly the rest is solid

Overall Score - 2.0 To get beaten by the Galaxy Audio GA64C is....not good

Fluid Audio Axis ($249)

Build Quality - 4 The grill is the only thing keeping this from a 5...MXL soft

Plosive Rejection - 4 Above average, which will always get a 4

Off Axis Rejection - 3 Very solid for a condenser, just nothing out of the ordinary

Self Noise - 3 Listed as 16db which is a tad high....though I could not hear it...at all

Overall Sound Quality - 4 A really nice smooth sound for a bright mic

Price - 5 This is a really fair price for a smooth clear mic with the FANTASTIC accessories

Accessory Bonus - 2 The mount, the case, and the XLR cable are premium, and the pop filters nice

OVERALL SCORE - 4.1 This is definitely an above average mic for its price range, & extras are perfect

Kelisiting RGB USB ($48)

Build Quality - 3 Metal and plastic hybrid, and while not SOLID it doesn't feel in danger

Plosive Rejection - 4 It is hard to find even better than average in ANY mic, and this slightly is

Off Axis Rejection - 3 Solid but nothing special

Self Noise - 2 Not noisy ALL the time, but occasional noises happen

Overall Sound Quality - 3 Not a high score but its high enough to surprise

Price - 4 Nothing to be upset about here considering the features described in the video

OVERALL SCORE - 3.1 A respectable score from something that looks like a no go

Saramonic SoundBird V6 ($499)

Build Quality - 5 - The build quality is all metal and HEAVY....this thing screams quality

Plosive Rejection - 3 It's not the worst I have heard, and definitely not the best.

Off Axis Rejection - 3 Seeing as this is a condenser, this is not a surprise. It's just OK

Self Noise - 5 It is not listed, but i literally cant hear even a LITTLE fuzz.

Overall Sound Quality - 5 Hard to say this often, but at $499...this thing is a steal.

Price - 5 As stated above...it's a steal at what is MUCH less than shotguns of its quality

Accessorie Bonus - 2 The accessories are top notch here, from the windscreen all the way down to a small XLR...this is a great package in a fantastic moisture proof carrying case.

OVERALL SCORE - 4.6 If you watched the video, this score should make sense, as I loved it.

Lekato K380S ($70)

Build Quality - 3 It's "good enough". Not cheap but not premium feeling

Plosive Rejection - 3 Just average like 95% of other microphones

Off Axis Rejection - 5 Just wow...was not expecting THAT. This is a great 2 person podcast setup.

Self Noise - 3 The wireless setup introduces potential noise, and I heard bits of this on cheaper interfaces

Overall Sound Quality - 5 Really impressive for what it is...honestly, better than most dynamics

Price - 5 There are a LOT of these dual wireless mic setups, but this is the best ive used at any price.

OVERALL SCORE - 4.0 This is a great score for something this cheap with this many use cases.

Audio-Technica MB4000C (USED)

Build Quality - 2 It's metal but....its light and it doesn't feel like it can take a pounding (That's what she said)

Plosive Rejection - 2 It popped on pretty much every "P" albeit light pops

Off Axis Rejection - 4 Pretty dang good!

Self Noise - 3 It is just OK. If I had to guess id say its in the teens, but sadly can't find it listed

Overall Sound Quality - 3 It's not great and its not bad

Price - 2 This is a discontinued mic, and typically runs between 35 and 60 used...there are better options

OVERALL SCORE - 2.6 An average score for an average mic

Fifine K658 USB Dynamic ($120)

Build Quality - 3 It IS metal...mostly. The gain dial is plastic, the metal is on the cheap side. It's fine though.

Plosive Rejection - 3 Even with the wind screen, it's just average here.

Off Axis Rejection - 4 Pretty solid thanks to the dynamic capsule and the build.

Self Noise - 4 For a USB, I found this to be incredibly quiet

Overall Sound Quality - 4 I need to run this against the Samson Q2U, cause it deserves a shot.

Price - 5 No matter if you get this for $99 or $120...it's a really good value

Overall Score - 3.83 Despite the sub 4 score....this is a great option for the casual creator...simplistic

Saramonic SR-BV1 ($149)

Build Quality - 5 This thing is built exceptionally well from top to bottom (YOKE MOUNT!)

Plosive Rejection -4 Better than your typical mic, but of course....not plosive proof

Off Axis Rejection - 3 It's just OK

Self Noise - 3 Dynamics are typically quie-ish and this is very average for a dynamic

Overall Sound Quality - 1 The most important aspect...and this fails with it's cheap capsule

Price - 1 The build is great, but who wants to pay $149 only to need a different capsule?

Overall Score - 2.83 IF this was a LOT cheaper...it would be a nice mic to throw a good capsule in

Samson C05 (Used)

Build Quality - 4 No issues outside of it being SLIGHTLY on the light side

Plosive Rejection - 3 Solid but nothing special

Off Axis Rejection - 5 For a condenser...it is fantastic

Self Noise - 3 It is not super quiet but also won't cause issues

Overall Sound Quality - 4 For what it is and how cheap it can be had (20-30 bucks) , I can't complain

Price - 5 You will not see this pushing 75 dollars...if you do...be patient and keep looking

Overall Score - 4 This is what obscure mics is all about...finding a solid mic for very little cash

Fender P-51 (Used)

Build Quality - 5 Feels very Shure like, with good weight and great metal

Plosive Rejection - 4 Much better than the average mic

Off Axis Rejection - 5 Absolutely killer at cutting out side and rear noise

Self Noise - 4 Most dynamics are going to be low noise and this is no different

Overall Sound Quality - 4 This would be higher if you didn't have to be right on top of it for best sound

Price - 5 I have seen this thing as low as 10 bucks...unbeatable at 10 to 25

Overall Score - 4.5 This may be a better beginner mic than a Behringer XM8500...yes I said it

Stage Right LC200 ($80)

Build Quality - 2 Not the cheapest feel...but nowhere near high quality

Plosive Rejection - 4 Much better than most condenser...somehow

Off Axis Rejection - 3 Solid for a condenser

Self Noise - 3 Not listed on the website, but it is audible if you listen. I'd guess its above 15db

Overall Sound Quality - 4 Impressive, especially if you get it on sale for $49

Price - 3 Regular price is $99...and I have seen 2 sale prices of $79 and $49. Regular is too high.

Accessory Bonus - 2 The case and shock mount are a nice touch

Overall Score - 3.5 IF you can get it for $49..it is a great buy

Galaxy Audio GA64SC ($80)

Build Quality - 3 Feels robust and not SUPER lightweight, but something doesn't feel right

Plosive Rejection - 1 Awful....just awful

Off Axis Rejection - 4 Really good for a condenser...even handheld

Self Noise - 2 Not listed, but it is audible and theres issues with Rodecaster pro noise wise

Overall Sound Quality - 3 It doesn't sound BAD...theres just nothing particularly GOOD

Price - 1 No freaking thanks at $80....honestly it would have to be $10 to be a deal

Overall Score - 2.3 This has the lowest score of all mics on here to this point, and rightfully so